Sound evolves with Hi Res Audio

The next generation of music designed to maximize your listening pleasure.

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Music as you’ve never heard it before

Remember how HDTV transformed your viewing experience? Now High-Resolution Audio will take your listening enjoyment to a similar thrilling new level. It really is like being in the recording studio or at a live performance.

Hear it as it was intended

Discover, for the first time, the subtle details and artistic nuances of your favorite music. Feel the power and presence of a live performance from your own living room. Experience the sensation of sitting in on a live studio recording. It’s all possible with the superior quality of Hi-Res Audio. With quality surpassing that of MP3s and CDs, it’s a difference you’ll have to hear to believe.


CD Quality
(16bit /44.1kHz)

High Resolution Audio

Hi-Res Audio, typically referred to as “96kHz/24bit or higher”, is created by digitally sampling an original analog audio source. The number of times sampling is performed (in one-second increments) is called the sampling frequency, which is expressed in hertz, or “Hz”. Digitizing refers to the audio process where the sampled signal is converted (or quantized) into binary digits, consisting of 1’s and O’s, expressed as “bits”. The higher the number of bits, the closer the sample is to the original source. CDs are standardized at 44.1kHz/16bit, but there is no single standard for Hi-Res Audio.

A complete Hi-Res Audio experience

Sony has created a full suite of products that lets you record, play and listen to Hi-Res Audio.

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